Answering the call for assistance in specialized industries

While we're knowledgeable in all facets of accounting for individuals and businesses, we've dedicated staff and resources to becoming experts in the areas of affordable housing, construction/manufacturing, medical services, and retail.

• Affordable Housing Industry
Keilman, Austgen & Sinal, PC provides outsourcing accounting support, consulting and training for owners and agents regarding a myriad of HUD accounting and compliance requirements. We offer expertise and practical experience in the field of subsidized multifamily housing in Northwest Indiana and the greater Chicago area.

Our staff is familiar with the software programs Skyline and HUD manager; as members of the Affordable Housing Association of Certified Public Accountants (AHACPA) we are a reliable source for updated HUD changes and requirements.

We will

• Construction/Manufacturing
Profitability in the Construction or Manufacturing industries requires the business owner to have all the tools and information readily available. Knowing your cost structure, overhead and identifying hidden costs is essential to ensure profitability. Let us provide the tools needed to identify those costs. Services we provide include

• Medical Services
Our long-time clients include several healthcare businesses and organizations. Over the past 25 years we have advised and assisted them in the following areas

• Retail
As a small business ourselves, we understand the competitive environment in which small businesses operate. Our client list includes restaurants, hardware, home improvement, service, and specialty stores.

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